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Some Sunday fun

Hi friends. Yesterday I posted market data on a #Staturdday post. I do this often.

Today I wanted to look at a specific graph, specifically the one below.

This is where I give the “always look into the numbers you’re given/ graphs you are shown” speech. Looking at this, it appears that Will County’s units sold is on the uptick and Grundy County is a flat line. That’s really because Will County has so many more units sold. It’s really not even fair to put them on the same graph (I wanted to do it just so I could make this post!)

Here’s what Will County looks like on its own. To me, it’s looks good an appropriate with sales up almost 13%.

And HERE’S what Grundy County looks like when placed on its own.

To me, that looks pretty similar….but BETTER! So make sure you take at least two looks at any stats stuff given to you.