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Hey friends,

This market is hot! How hot, you ask?

Well, it certainly feels to me and many others working with buyers that every house has multiple offers and sells for over list price. Of course, FEELS LIKE doesn’t work for me, so I have to dive into the numbers.

In Grundy County single family homes to close in May (73 total):

  • The median original list price to sold price percentage was 100%
  • 40 closed for original list price or higher (54.8%)
  • 25 closed for MORE than original list price (34.2%)


…..other useful information to know:

  • Only 9 of the 73 houses to close had a price drop while listed (12.3%)
  • The average market time for these 73 closings was 51.4 days
  • That said….you know the median is MORE IMPORTANT (and more indicative of reality) and that was 5 days (FIVE)!!!
  • In fact, 45 of these 73 were under contract in 7 days or fewer (61.6%)